We have a Blog!

by: Laura L. Reynolds, LMT, MMP, MTI

published on: February 4th, 2019


We have been diligently working to create and curate valuable holistic based content for this section of our new site and we are thrilled to finally be bringing it to you all. We will be sharing the voice of this platform between all of our staff and a few external sources, so look at our by lines for personal connection! Please read on to learn about our team, our philosophy, and the content you can expect weekly from this blog.


Holistic Bodywork of San Antonio started out as Bodique Mind and Body Wellness when I, Laura Reynolds, decided to downsize my business and lessen the entrepreneurial stress of sole proprietorship in 2013. Since then I have decided to leave myself open to the flow of life and rather than forcing things to happen the way I think they should happen I have just been letting the universe guide me. This was a huge “against my nature” change for me, but it has been really stress free and very exciting to just watch the natural growth of my business unfold.


Just in the next few weeks we will dig into my personal story a little more along with Valentine’s Day and love. Our Valentine’s Day article will elaborate on what love actually is and how we can all benefit from it. Then we will probably shift into spring. We will cover topics like patio gardening, combating south central Texas mosquitoes, natural viral killing cleaning products, and renewing and refreshing the mind.


Keep up with our blog to learn our personal tips, tricks, and recipes for healthier food choices and better, more holistic living to include: weight loss, and skin care, homeopathic remedies, and self care for the whole person - not just the body, but the mind, the spirit and the physiology of a person. On the “alternative” medicine (I prefer to call it “original” medicine) side we will discuss the differences in traditional western medicine practices and holistic practices and how to integrate the two for overall better benefit. Those articles will help educate you to have better conversations with your family care physician, dentist, eye doctor, and even your hairdresser to ensure you are taking the best possible care of yourself.


Here at Holistic Bodywork Professionals of San Antonio we are hoping to educate the public to take responsibility of your body, mind, and over health and well being. We as Americans seem to have fallen into a bad habit of passing the buck onto our doctors hoping they can cure all our problems with some single pill or minor surgery. The truth is that’s just not how healing works. It takes long exposure to a bad environment to create disease, and therefore it takes the same amount of time, or longer, to combat or reverse a disease.  


We use Young Living essential oils exclusively at our office and have been using them for nineteen years. We need you to know though - we are users not pushers! When you come to Holistic Bodywork we will openly share our oils with you willingly and very affordably and we will never shove them down your throat or try to push you into buying their product. It is more important to us that you as our clients use high quality essential oils of any brand! We prefer Standard Process herbal supplements, which can be found at Gardenville Natural Foods in Windcrest or Rhonda's Natures Way on Callahagn. We pair our essential oils with Soothing Touch lotion because it is a pure and simple lotion that does not have parabens, animal byproducts, preservatives, too much wax, or any scents.


Having been in practice for massage therapy for almost 20 years I am learning that my body wants me to do less and teach more. Therefore I am hopeful that this blog will expand into continuing education courses and a guiding voice in the industry for all holistic practitioners and their clients to inspire and educate.


We are so excited to have you on our new website in the new year! 2018 was a big year for Holistic Bodywork of San Antonio. We moved into a new office and received a 360 degree facelift. Our new space is very clean, warm, and welcoming with great positive energy flowing through the whole suite of offices. We encourage you to come see our new space and engage with us on our new site! Subscribe to our email list for all future blog posts and specials!